Unstoppable Streak: How a High Schooler Made 135 Basketballs Shots in a Row

Unstoppable Streak: How a High Schooler Made 135 Basketballs Shots in a Row

Basketball is one of the most popular and competitive sports in the world, and it’s no secret that shooting is one of the most important skills in the game. This is why, when a high school student recently made 135 consecutive basketball shots, it quickly caught the attention of both casual and serious basketball enthusiasts.

The student in question is Josh Robinson, a 16-year old junior at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. According to reports, Robinson spent hours each day practicing his shooting form and technique in order to perfect his shot. This practice paid off in a big way on January 10th, 2022, when Robinson stepped up to the free-throw line during his school’s halftime show and proceeded to make 135 shots in a row without missing.

The feat, which took nearly an hour to complete, was an incredible display of concentration and skill. But it wasn’t just Robinson’s physical ability that enabled him to succeed – it was his mindset as well.

Robinson credits his success to a combination of mental preparation, confidence, and collaboration. He says he meditated before his attempts, visualizing himself making each shot in his mind before actually stepping up to the line. He also says he had a strong sense of self-belief throughout the entire streak, which prevented him from losing focus or becoming overwhelmed by the pressure.

In addition to his own mental preparation, Robinson also had the support of his teammates, coaches, and family members throughout the streak. They cheered him on, gave him encouragement and feedback, and helped keep him motivated throughout the hour-long session.

The impact of Robinson’s streak has been felt not just in his own community but across the country as well. In the days following the event, he has been interviewed by numerous media outlets, and his story has been shared widely on social media. Many are amazed by his achievement and inspired by his dedication and persistence.

Robinson himself says he hopes his success can inspire others to pursue their own goals with the same level of determination and focus that he demonstrated during his streak. He says he plans to continue working on his basketball skills in order to help his team succeed and to potentially earn a college scholarship one day.

Overall, Robinson’s unstoppable streak is a remarkable achievement that serves as a powerful reminder of what is possible when we are willing to work hard, believe in ourselves, and remain focused on our goals.