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Hollywood is famous for its glamour, glitz, and non-stop entertainment. However, behind the scenes, there are many people working tirelessly to ensure that the industry runs smoothly. One of the most important players in the entertainment industry is the entertainment lawyer. These attorneys work behind the scenes to protect the legal rights of some of the biggest stars in showbusiness.

We take a closer look at the top entertainment lawyers who are protecting the industry’s biggest stars:

1. Gloria Allred – Known for representing high-profile clients such as Amber Frey, Tiger Woods’ former mistress, and O.J. Simpson’s murder trial witness, Allred has a litany of experience in the entertainment industry.

2. Bruce Ramer – The founding partner of a major entertainment law firm, Ramer has represented numerous high paying clients, including Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, and George Lucas.

3. Peter Greene – His law firm, Greene Hassett, has represented several clients including Taylor Swift, Whoopi Goldberg, and Justin Timberlake.

4. Jeff Kwatinetz – Founder of the talent agency, The Firm, Kwatinetz has represented many A-list actors and musicians such as Ice Cube, Eddie Murphy, and Jennifer Lopez.

5. Marty Singer – Known for representing celebrities such as Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen, Singer is one of the most prominent lawyers in Hollywood.

To become an entertainment lawyer, one must have an extensive knowledge of intellectual property law, contract law, as well as general entertainment industry practices. They must also be able to navigate through various legal disputes within the industry, including contract disputes, copyright infringement, and defamation claims.

The importance of having a good entertainment lawyer can not be overstated. Since many celebrities and wealthy performers are involved in investments outside of their entertainment careers, their lawyers must also be well-versed in estate planning, tax planning, and business law.

A good entertainment lawyer must also be able to identify potential legal risks and liabilities, and then provide advice and counsel to mitigate those risks. This can include drafting contracts that protect their clients’ interests, negotiating favorable terms and conditions and ensuring their clients are not subject to legal disputes.

In conclusion, the entertainment industry is a complex world, and it is crucial that high-profile celebrities and performers are protected legally. In order to achieve this, they need the assistance of a skilled and experienced entertainment lawyer. From negotiating contracts to resolving disputes, these lawyers have become an integral part of the entertainment industry, ensuring that their clients’ legal rights are protected at all times.