TDE Collaborations: The Best Team-Ups Between TDE’s Top Artists

TDE Collaborations: The Best Team-Ups Between TDE’s Top Artists

TDE, short for Top Dawg Entertainment, has become one of the most renowned record labels in the hip-hop industry, producing some of the most successful and critically acclaimed artists of our time. From Kendrick Lamar to SZA, the label has created a roster full of talented individuals who have made waves in the music scene with their distinctive styles. However, it’s the collaborations between these artists that truly underline the magic of TDE.

Here we take a look at some of the best TDE collaborations that have been released throughout the years.

1. “Poetic Justice” – Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake

One of the most iconic tracks from Kendrick Lamar’s album “Good Kid, m.A.A.d City” is “Poetic Justice” which features Canadian superstar Drake. The track features a smooth and melodic beat, with both rappers delivering introspective lyrics that speak on love and relationships. The chemistry between Kendrick and Drake is undeniable, making this collaboration one of the best TDE releases to date.

2. “All the Stars” – Kendrick Lamar and SZA

The TDE duo collaborated on this smash-hit track that served as the lead single for the “Black Panther” soundtrack. The song’s futuristic and empowering sound, coupled with its accompanying visual, made it a standout part of the movie’s soundtrack and garnered numerous award nominations. The two artists’ voices blended perfectly together, creating a harmonious sound that will go down in history as one of TDE’s best collaborations.

3. “The City” – The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar

Back in 2012, TDE’s Kendrick Lamar teamed up with The Game on the song “The City”. The two rappers, who both hail from Compton, California, united to deliver a hard-hitting and reflective track that spoke on the challenges of growing up in their hometown. The song’s beat and lyrics complemented each other perfectly, making it an unforgettable TDE collaboration.

4. “Collard Greens” – ScHoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar

On the 2013 track “Collard Greens”, Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar teamed up to deliver a bouncy, upbeat track that features both rappers trading bars and showcasing their lyrical dexterity. The song’s catchy hook and memorable beat make it one of the most popular TDE collaborations to date, solidifying both artists’ positions in the hip-hop genre.

5. “Doves in the Wind” – SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar

Another Kendrick and SZA collaboration, “Doves in the Wind” was released in 2017 as part of SZA’s debut album “Ctrl”. The song features another example of the two artists’ contrasting yet complementary styles, with SZA delivering smooth and sensual vocals and Kendrick delivering a fiery verse. The song’s explicit lyrics added a bit of shock value, making it one of the more memorable TDE collaborations.

TDE has undeniably become one of the most influential record labels in hip-hop, and its artists have produced some of the most creative and critically acclaimed music of our time. While the individual artists’ solo work is impressive, it’s the collaborations between TDE’s elite that really showcase their skills and continue to excite fans worldwide.