Taylor Swift’s night out watching Travis Kelce play football is all anyone is talking about

Taylor Swift’s night out watching Travis Kelce play football is all anyone is talking about

Yesterday’s NFL game of the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Chicago Bears soon became the most talked about game of the weekend, thanks to one certain special guess: Taylor Swift.

It soon turned into the Taylor Swift game, as the famous pop star sat up in a suite and watched her rumored new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, score touchdowns while sitting next to the equally famous football star’s mom.

Rumors the the two were “talking” or “dating” each other started to swirl early last week, but they were just rumors, and if anyone knows anything about Swift, it’s that you can’t believe she’s actually dating someone until you see them out in public together.

That all changed when Swift was shown on TV multiple times throughout the game, which turned every Swiftie out there into a sudden football fan. We don’t know the TV ratings of the Kansas City vs. Chicago game yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Swift gave the ratings a pretty big boost.

The best moment came with Kelce scored a touchdown, and the TV showed Swift jumping up and down in excitement over her possible new boyfriend’s success. Kansas City went on to win the game, and Kelce won the hearts of Swifties everywhere.

After the game, people all over the internet were collectively freaking out over these developments. Swift has dated a handful of men over the years, but it seems like everyone is shipping these two together. They’re both extremely attractive individuals, and after years of Swift dating fellow musicians, it’s nice to see her date a well-liked and funny athlete!

She was even photographed eating chicken tenders with ketchup and ranch dressing. Stars, they’re just like us!

If you watched earlier this year when Kelce hosted “Saturday Night Live,” you’ll know that he as a great personality and knows how to make a joke. Could this be the one for Swift? Time will only tell, but given that the pair left Arrowhead Stadium last night in Kelce’s convertible, she may be writing some new songs about this man pretty soon.

What are your thoughts on Swift and Kelce? Do you love this potential relationship, too? Did Swift save the NFL? Let us know in the comments!