Spotify launches unique, ever-changing playlist

Spotify launches unique, ever-changing playlist

Calling all music lovers! Spotify has released an ever-changing playlist that flows with your mood throughout the day.

Announced on September 12, the daylist is offered to both free and premium users, giving listeners fresh music from sunup to sundown with highly specific playlists made personally for every user.

Unlike its Niche Mixes that bring users a set of personalized playlists, the daylist is one single, constantly changing playlist that updates multiple times throughout the day.

According to a press release, each update brings a new title that sets the mood of each listener’s daylist with relatable titles such as thrillwave, happy dance, pumpkin spice, and more.

Although the playlist is everchanging, listeners can save and copy the playlists by tapping the three-dot menu, scrolling down to “Add to playlist,” and then tapping “New playlist.”

However, if you don’t save it before the next update, it’ll be gone.

“Our goal is to create delightful, personalized experiences for every user, and daylist allows you to enjoy the very best of your niche taste and ever-changing moods,” said Spotify.

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