Setting the Bar: The Highest Number of Basketball Shots Made in a Row

Setting the Bar: The Highest Number of Basketball Shots Made in a Row

Basketball is an exciting sport that requires skill, agility, and endurance. Shooter’s make it even more exciting when they shoot incredibly accurately – setting a high bar for enthusiasts and players alike. In this article, we will examine the highest number of basketball shots made in a row and discuss the players who have achieved this milestone.

The first player on our list is none other than Kevin Durant, one of the NBA’s greatest players today. In 2011, Durant set the bar high by hitting 20 shots in a row during a game against the Denver Nuggets. Durant made it look easy as he effortlessly drained multiple three-pointers in a row, leaving the Nuggets defenseless. Fans were stunned by his accuracy, and it became a highlight of his career.

Another legendary player who has set the bar high is Kobe Bryant. In a practice session back in 2007, Kobe hit an incredible 23 shots in a row. What’s more impressive is that he did it while being double-teamed and defended by another teammate. Bryant’s relentless dedication to his craft was evident in this moment, leaving everyone awestruck.

Ray Allen, who is known for his exceptional shooting accuracy, has also set the bar high. As a member of the Boston Celtics in 2010, Allen made 22 consecutive shots during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Allen was on fire that night, making it seem like every shot he took was bound to go in.

Steph Curry, considered to be one of the greatest shooters of all time, has also made his mark. In 2018, Curry made 19 consecutive shots during a game against the Brooklyn Nets. He broke the NBA’s record for the most three-pointers made in a single game, further cementing his place in basketball history.

In conclusion, these incredible players have shown us how to set the bar high for basketball shooting. Their dedication, focus, and accuracy have made them legends in the game, and their achievements are something for aspiring players to strive for. Whether it be Durant’s effortless three-pointers, Bryant’s double-teamed shots, Allen’s streaky performances, or Curry’s three-point record-breaking shots, these players have set an example for generations to come. So, if you want to be a great basketball shooter, study these players, put in the work, and never stop achieving.