Ranking the Best Politics Universities in the US and UK

Ranking the Best Politics Universities in the US and UK

Politics is one of the most significant fields of study in today’s world, and it has become increasingly popular with students in recent years. Politics can give students a deep understanding of the complexities of government, democracy, and international relations. Students who study politics can be found working in a wide range of careers, including journalism, public service, law, and education. However, not all universities offer the same quality of education of politics. In this article, we will be ranking the best politics universities in the US and UK.

The US:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University in Massachusetts is one of the best universities to study politics in the US, if not the world. The school’s government department is widely regarded as one of the best in the world and offers a wide range of courses, including public policy, international relations, and political theory.

2. Princeton University

Princeton University is another top-ranking university in politics. Located in New Jersey, Princeton’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) is considered one of the most prestigious schools worldwide and offers courses in international relations, global politics, and policy studies.

3. Columbia University

Columbia University is an Ivy League institution that offers a first-class political science curriculum. The university’s political science department is renowned for its research and teaching in political theory, political methodology, and security studies.

4. Stanford University

Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Stanford University’s political science program offers courses in democracy, ethnic conflict, and identity politics. Students can also specialize in international relations, which includes courses in security studies and foreign policy.

5. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s political science department is one of the best in the US. The department’s courses on political philosophy and theory, game theory, and political economy are considered some of the best in the country.

The UK:

1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford in the UK is often regarded as the best university in the world to study politics. The school offers courses in comparative politics, political theory, international relations, and political science. The university is also known for its prestigious Rhodes scholarship program.

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is another top-ranking university for studying politics. Its social and political sciences department offers a wide range of courses in comparative politics, political theory, and international relations. Cambridge is also well-known for its top-notch research in the field of politics.

3. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Located in the heart of London, the LSE is one of the best universities in the UK to study politics. Its political science department is rated among the top in the world, and students can specialize in areas such as international relations, political economy, and public policy.

4. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh in Scotland is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK. Its politics department offers a range of courses, including international relations, political theory, and public policy. The school is also known for its cutting-edge research in political science.

5. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is another top-ranking institution for politics in the UK. The politics department offers courses in political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. The school is also well-known for its research in political economy, public policy, and gender and politics.

In conclusion, politics is a field of study that is both fascinating and important in today’s world. The universities listed above are the best in the US and UK, with some of the best instructors and researchers in the field. By studying at one of these universities, students will have the opportunity to learn from the best minds in politics and prepare themselves for a successful career in the field.