Power Packed: The Best Politics Books of 2023

Power Packed: The Best Politics Books of 2023

As we get further into 2023, it’s becoming clear that politics is on everyone’s minds. With political polarization at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever to educate ourselves on the issues and the people involved in making key decisions. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the best politics books of 2023.

1. “The Rhetoric of Resistance” by Angela Davis

“Resistance” has become a buzzword in political circles lately, but what does it really mean? Angela Davis examines historical and modern examples of resistance, including protests, boycotts, and strikes. She argues that resistance is vital to bringing about meaningful change and offers insights into how we can harness the power of resistance in today’s political climate.

2. “American Carnage” by Tim Alberta

In “American Carnage,” journalist Tim Alberta tells the story of how the Republican party went from “compassionate conservatism” to Trumpism. He interviews key players in the GOP and traces the rise of the Tea Party movement, the defeat of Mitt Romney, and the eventual ascent of Donald Trump. Alberta’s analysis sheds light on the challenges facing both major American political parties today.

3. “The New Frontiers of Democratic Theory” edited by Shaun Bowler and Todd Donovan

Democracy is always evolving, and in “The New Frontiers of Democratic Theory,” a group of scholars examine the latest trends in democratic theory. They explore topics like deliberative democracy, digital democracy, and participatory democracy, offering insights into how our political systems can become more responsive to the needs of citizens.

4. “The End of Trumpism” by John Avlon

After four years of a Trump presidency, many Americans are wondering whether Trumpism will continue to have an impact on American politics. In “The End of Trumpism,” journalist John Avlon argues that we’re seeing the end of a political era. He examines the policies, personalities, and tactics of Trumpism and offers a roadmap for moving forward.

5. “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire” by Ronald Wright

As the 21st century progresses, many experts are predicting the decline of American power and influence. In “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire,” historian Ronald Wright offers a sweeping overview of the forces that have made America great, as well as those that are contributing to its decline. He argues that the United States must address issues like income inequality and climate change if it wants to remain a world leader.

These books are just a few examples of the exciting political writing being produced in 2023. By reading widely and staying informed, we can all contribute to a brighter political future.