Next-Level Football Helmets: 5 Cutting-Edge Designs to Watch Out For

Next-Level Football Helmets: 5 Cutting-Edge Designs to Watch Out For

Football helmets have come a long way since their inception. While their primary function is to protect the player’s head from impact, the latest innovation in football helmets goes beyond. The next level football helmets integrate cutting-edge technology and advanced features to optimize the player’s performance while minimizing the risk of injury. In this article, we will look at five such designs to watch out for.


VICIS ZERO1 is a revolutionary design that has been developed after extensive testing. It has a multi-layered design that ensures better shock absorption and distributes the force of the impact more evenly. Moreover, the helmet has a soft outer shell that is designed to flex upon impact, further reducing the impact’s force on the player’s head. The VICIS ZERO1 helmet is considered one of the safest helmets in the market, with NFL players such as Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin endorsing it.

2. Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond

Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond is equipped with sensors that monitor the impact of every hit and communicate this data to the coach and medical staff. This information helps detect whether the player has suffered a concussion and allows for prompt medical attention. The helmet also has a flexible shell and an advanced padding system that further reduces the risk of head injuries.

3. Schutt F7

Schutt F7 is another innovative design equipped with sensors that detect any significant impact. It also has a unique face mask design that increases peripheral vision and visibility, making it easier for the player to track the ball and spot incoming tackles. Additionally, the helmet has a large shell with patented technology that absorbs the impact force and disperses it away from the player’s head.

4. Xenith Shadow XR

The Xenith Shadow XR is designed to reduce the risk of rotational forces that often lead to concussions. It has a flexible shell and padding system that allows the helmet to shift independently of the player’s head, thus minimizing the force of any impact. The helmet’s design also increases ventilation, providing a cool and comfortable fit for the player.

5. SG Helmets

SG Helmets has developed a revolutionary design that incorporates a unique suspension system. The suspension system works by suspending the player’s head within the helmet, reducing the risk of head and neck injuries. The helmet also has a unique breathable shell that provides superior ventilation and helps keep players cool and comfortable even during intense games.


Football helmets have come a long way from their initial design, and the above-mentioned helmets represent the next level of innovation. While the primary function of these helmets remains to protect the player’s head, they also incorporate features designed to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Football is a physical sport, and players are at a high risk of head injuries. Therefore, these cutting-edge designs are a step in the right direction to make football a safer sport for players at all levels.