Meet YG Entertainment’s Newest Girl Group: Everything You Need to Know!

YG Entertainment, one of the top talent agencies in South Korea, has finally unveiled their newest girl group after a nearly four-year hiatus since they debuted BLACKPINK in 2016. The new girl group, named “THE BLACK LABEL GIRLS” (TBLG), was announced in July 2020 and consists of five members: Rose, Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Kim Eun-bi.

Here’s everything you need to know about YG Entertainment’s newest girl group:

1. Origin and Label Affiliation
THE BLACK LABEL GIRLS is a project group under YG Entertainment, established in partnership with YG’s subsidiary label, The Black Label. YG Entertainment is known for housing several famous artists in the K-Pop industry, including BIGBANG, 2NE1, and BLACKPINK.

2. Members
The group consists of five members, including three current BLACKPINK members Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa, and former Disney K-Pop Star contestant Kim Eun-bi. However, the group’s leader and main vocalist is Rose, who is also part of BLACKPINK.

3. Debut and Music
TBLG is set to debut in the first quarter of 2021. So far, the group’s debut track is yet to be announced, but the members of the group have teased that it would show their unique vocal abilities and set them apart from other K-Pop girl groups.

4. Concept
The group’s concept leans towards a chill and comfortable vibe that dabbles in retro themes. TBLG members are charismatic, bold, sexy, and confident, leaving no doubts in the public’s minds about their seriousness in sustained attaining success.

5. Social media presence
TBLG’s members are already a hot topic among K-Pop fans worldwide, and their social media presence has already begun to establish its roots. The members have Instagram accounts boasting a large following, making the reach of this group fairly wide in that regard.

THE BLACK LABEL GIRLS is, without a doubt, a highly anticipated debut by K-Pop enthusiasts globally. For K-Pop fans, TBLG has already amassed a significant following, meaning that they could soon reach significant heights of success just like their seniors, BLACKPINK, under the guidance of YG Entertainment and The Black Label.