Isaiah Rashad’s Unique Style: The TDE Artist You Need to Know

Isaiah Rashad’s Unique Style: The TDE Artist You Need to Know

Isaiah Rashad is a rapper from Chattanooga, Tennessee who cemented his place in the hip-hop industry with his unique style. He’s a member of Top Dawg Entertainment, the label behind well-known artists such as Kendrick Lamar and SZA. Rashad’s music has a cult following, and music critics credit his originality for his influence in the rap game.

What sets Rashad apart is his ability to blend different genres into his music. His style is eclectic, with elements of jazz, boom-bap, and trap beats infused in his tracks. What’s more, he places a strong emphasis on storytelling. Despite the beats, the lyrics are the focal point of his music. Moreover, his music often talks about the struggles of growing up, personal struggles, and addiction.

Rashad’s debut album, “Cilvia Demo,” unleashed his lyrical prowess to the world. Critics praised the project for its storytelling and introspection, a combination not often found in rap albums. The album also showed that Rashad was an artist committed to exploring different styles and sounds.

The 2016 album “The Sun’s Tirade” saw Rashad’s musical influence expand. With more hip-hop influences added to the mix, the album sounded like a journey through Rashad’s musical upbringing, showcasing the different styles that inspired him.

Rashad’s lyrics often have a therapeutic quality to them. By putting his struggles into wordplay, he shines a light on personal obstacles in a way that helps others realize they’re not alone. This makes his music feel cathartic—feeling heard and understood is a powerful tool in providing comfort.

What’s more, Rashad’s style and sound evoke a sense of nostalgia. His music pays homage to ’90s boom-bap, while his jazz influences add an element of class to his tracks. This combination makes his sound timeless, taking the best bits of old-school hip-hop and blending it with the modern sound that millennials have grown up with.

In conclusion, Isaiah Rashad is an underrated artist with a unique sound that makes him a critical part of the hip-hop industry. He brings a refreshing blend of old and new school hip-hop sounds while weaving his personal struggles into his music. His style evokes a sense of nostalgia, making his tracks comforting and his storytelling relatable. If you don’t already know who he is, do yourself a favor and check out what he has to offer.