Breaking Down the Best High School Football Players of 2023: Ranking the Top Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Receivers

Breaking Down the Best High School Football Players of 2023: Ranking the Top Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Receivers

As the 2023 high school football season approaches, football fanatics can hardly wait to see what the newest crop of talent will bring to the table. The spotlight will be on those who are likely to lead their teams to victory, and among them are the top players who are most likely to stand out. Here is a look at the best high school football players of 2023, breaking them down by position and ranking them based on their skills.


When it comes to the key position of quarterback, there are several standout performers set to make a significant impact on the game. Leading the pack is Ty Simpson, a four-star recruit from Westview High School in Tennessee, who boasts excellent size and athleticism. Simpson has the potential to lead his team to greatness with his ability to read the defense, throw the ball deep, and take hits.

Next in line is Elijah Brown, a dual-threat quarterback with an excellent arm and the uncanny ability to squeeze through tight spots in the pocket. Brown is one of the most exciting prospects in the country and is considered one of the top players on the West Coast. Look out for him to make significant strides in 2023.

Running Backs:

The running back position in high school football is vital as it is the back that handles the majority of ball-carries. There are plenty of talented players vying to be the best. Leading the charge is Sophomore football player, Jerrod Howard, who runs a blistering 100-meter dash but also runs hard between the tackles. He is already drawing comparisons to former Alabama running back Mark Ingram, and it’s easy to see why.

After Howard, there’s Jaylin White from Dothan High School in Alabama. White is an excellent combination of speed, power, and balance, which makes him a dangerous weapon. He has shown a knack for breaking tackles and turning upfield for big gains. The rest of the country had better watch out for White.

Finally, King Mack from Brownsville is a versatile athlete who can also catch passes out of the backfield. He is a powerful runner who can also make plays in space, which is why he’s the 2023 running back to watch out for.


The last group of players we’ll look at in this breakdown are the receivers. This position is all about speed and agility, which is why guys like Keon Coleman at West Monroe High School in Louisiana are all the rage. Coleman is an explosive athlete whose speed is matched with a quickness that makes him almost impossible to cover. He’s also a great route-runner who can create separation from defenders.

Right behind Coleman is Talyn Shettron, who has all the skills that college football coaches look for in a receiver. Shettron is a great athlete with good size and hands. He’s also an explosive player who can make plays happen once he gets the ball in his hands. He’s got great footwork and understands how to take advantage of his speed.

Overall, the class of 2023 high school football players is set to create a memorable season. As always, there are sure to be some surprises here and there and the potential for new names to emerge, but based on their current performance, these players look to be the top contenders to break out and lead their teams to glory. Keep an eye on these athletes as they set out to make an indelible mark on the world of football.