7 Strangest Scores in the World of Football

7 Strangest Scores in the World of Football

Football is a game that is full of surprises and the scores of some matches can definitely be considered bizarre. Whether it is a one-sided game or a match that sees multiple strange incidents, football scores can sometimes be very strange indeed. Here are the 7 strangest scores in the world of football:

1. Australia 31 – 0 American Samoa (2001)

The 2001 Oceania World Cup Qualifiers saw Australia take on American Samoa in a match that saw one of the biggest mismatches in football history. The Australian team dominated the match from the start and scored almost at will against the American Samoan team who, by the end of the game, were completely deflated.

2. Manchester United 9 – 0 Ipswich Town (1995)

In March 1995, Manchester United took on Ipswich Town at Old Trafford and ended up scoring nine goals against the visitors. This match saw Andrew Cole score five goals and Mark Hughes score a hat-trick as Manchester United put on a remarkable display and won the game convincingly.

3. AS Adema 149 – 0 Saint Denis (2002)

The Malagasy Football League saw one of the most unbelievable scores in football history when AS Adema took on Saint Denis in 2002. The match resulted in AS Adema winning by a score of 149 – 0, after Saint Denis deliberately conceded own-goals in protest against a referee decision made in an earlier game.

4. Finland 10 – 0 San Marino (2006)

The 2006 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers saw Finland take on San Marino in a match that saw the Finnish side dominate from start to finish. The score eventually ended up at 10 – 0 to Finland, with Jari Litmanen scoring a hat-trick as the Finnish team secured their place in the next stage of the tournament.

5. Dundee Harp 35 – 0 Aberdeen Rovers (1885)

The Scottish Cup saw one of the most one-sided games in football history when Dundee Harp beat Aberdeen Rovers by a score of 35 – 0. This match saw the Dundee side score an incredible 15 goals in the second half as they completely dominated their opponents.

6. Italy 9 – 1 United States (1948)

The Olympic Games in London in 1948 saw the Italian team take on the United States in a match that resulted in a score of 9 – 1 to Italy. This was one of the biggest margins of victory in Olympic football and saw Italy progress to the final of the competition.

7. Bayern Munich 9 – 2 Hamburg SV (2013)

Bayern Munich took on Hamburg SV in a Bundesliga match in 2013 that saw them win by a score of 9 – 2. This match saw Mario Gomez score four goals as Bayern Munich completely outplayed their opponents and secured a comprehensive victory.

In conclusion, football scores can sometimes be very strange indeed and the examples above highlight some of the biggest mismatches and one-sided games in the sport’s history. While they may be unusual, these scores do provide a fascinating insight into the unpredictability of football and how sometimes, anything can happen on the pitch.